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Hot starters


Vol au vent

3.50 €

Mouthfuls of seafood

(Prawns, mussels, clams, scallops and squids)

4.90 €





Halibut fillet in a lemon sauce 11.80 €

fillet of bar bouble cream carot


12.90 €

Fillet of Sole à la normande

(sauce normande : prawns, mushrooms cooked in Calvados)

11.90 €
Our fish dishes are served with rice and vegetables  

Meats and grills 




The chicken Licquois in net with its cream mushroom or green pepper sauce

10.50 €



The Texan plate

Steak, Lamb chop, fried egg.

Served with a barbeque or curry sauces ou garlic butter.


11,80 €

The fried or grilled rib steak 250 gr (wipe in the choice

13,90 €

 The Beef steak

11,90 €

 The Confit of Duck "Ferme des Délices"

12.20 €

 The Rumpsteak

12,50 €

 The Welsh served with fries

11,50 €


The dishes are served with house fries

Side dishes: Provencale tomatoes, French beans, rice or pasta 

Sauces: shallot, pepper or garlic butter.


All our meat has either French or European Union origins


Net prices

Cold starters


Tomatoes with basil and a balsamique vinaigrette

3,50 €

A country pâté with condiments

3,50 €

A plate of ham

4.10 €

The Smal Salad de l'Hostellerie

(Mesclun salad, croutons, bacon, parmesan cheese, dried tomato, Grisons)

5,25 €

The large Salad de l'Hostellerie

(Mesclun salad, croutons, bacon, parmesan cheese, dried tomato, Grisons)

9,15 €

Salad Périgourdine

(Salad, sliced duck, gizzards, croutons, sprouting soya beans)

9,50 €



Duo of cheese "Ferme du Vert"

4.90 €

(Sablé de Wissant, Fort d'Ambleteuse,  sur lit de verdure)




Ice creams  

Ice cream 2 flavours (chocolate, strawberry, pistache or vanilla)

3,10 €

Sorbet 2 flavours(lemon, apple, pear, mango)

3,10 €

Pear belle helene

4,00 €

white wife

4,00 €

Slice of Napolitaine

2,70 €

Homemade pasteries


House pastery

3,50 €

Rum BaBa

3,50 €

Crème brûlée

3,50 €

seasonal fruit

3,50 €

Chocolate Mousse

3,50 €



 Net prices



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